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Sweet Stem Farm

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A multi-generational farm located just West of Ephrata in Lancaster County, Sweet Stem Farm specializes in ‘uncommonly good pork, lamb and beef.”  They practice a ‘high-touch’ approach rearing their animals without the use of sub-therapeutic antibiotics and free of synthetic hormones.   Their beef is 100% grass fed and raised on pasture as well as their lamb.  Their hogs are free-roaming in spacious straw-bedded greenhouse-style hoop barns.

Ma(i)son has recently created a program with Sweet Stem Farm in which we will jointly be raising hogs for the restaurant.  We select the hogs when they are delivered as piglets, monitor their growth, contribute our vegetable and kitchen scrap to their diets and then ulitimately will receive the whole animal.  These Ma(i)son hogs will be raised exclusively for us and is a huge step in our relationship with Sweet Stem Farm as well as a susbstantial milestone is our quest to get as close to the source of our ingredients as possible.


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