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Bread is extremely important to us and was a huge priority for the restaurant.  After tasting a few of Amy’s breads, we knew there was serious potential.  We were looking for bread with character, with a starter involved so that it would have that yeasty, rich aroma and complex flavor we were looking for.  We also knew that we wanted to develop a loaf for the restaurant that could be used in countless contexts.  As the French and Italians do, bread can find a home in almost any dish.   So, together Amy and I developed our ‘Pain Maison’ which is a blend of ciabatta and sourdough and a wonderful all purpose loaf that will eternally have a place at Ma(i)son’s table.

Amy’s partner Karen has also had a very large role in providing us with bountiful sweet treats along our journey.  She is our go to in a pinch for incredible seasonal desserts that never disappoint.  Amy and Karen are quite a duo and have also been a huge part in making Ma(i)son what we have become.

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