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New growth

Almost one month after I last wrote about the “signs of spring,” our vegetables, greens, grains, and fruits have grown by leaps and bounds, helped along by the warming soil temperature.


Sugar snap, shelling, and snow peas are now flowering.


So are the fava beans. The first pods will follow, soon.


Our leafy greens are vibrant. Several are making their way into the Ma(i)son kitchen this week, such as the savoy spinach shown above (left). We sow new plantings every two weeks or so with the goal of providing a continual supply of greens throughout the growing season. Our agretti, a salty needle-leaved green endemic to Northern Italy, is just beginning to sprout (right).


The parsnips continue to grow larger…


And it’s very exciting to watch the salsify do the same.









The emmer that was just starting to sprout at the beginning of the month is growing very quickly (left), and the spelt is beginning to form grain heads (right).


Freshly harvested French Breakfast Radishes.

More blog updates coming soon!

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