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Signs of Spring

Field notes.

 Spring has arrived in Lancaster County. Our fields have taken on a lush green hue, seeds that we planted at the beginning of the month are germinating, and the fruit trees are in full bloom. This is an exciting time of year.  Here are a few snapshots of what’s happening in the fields this week.

Red Streaks Mizuna (A. Wenger photos).




 Greens, including these young “Red Streaks” Mizuna seedlings are germinating, along with spring legumes such as our sugar snap peas which are poking through the soil (right).




 The fall root crops are also sprouting. On the left is a Salsify seedling, and to the right is a parsnip.


 Alpine strawberries, the flavor-packed ancestors of modern strawberries have begun to bloom. The first fruits will be ready for harvest in May. A few are already ripening in the greenhouse.



The fields are rich in color. Yellow brassica flowers, a favorite garnish at Ma(i)son, are in full bloom. Our winter grains are also growing vigorously. At right is a field full of spelt, part of our heirloom grain project.



Closeup of the magnificent magenta stems.









Abnormally warm temperatures in the 70s and 80s over the past two weeks have pushed some crops to grow early. Our “Purple Passion” asparagus that we planted last year for Ma(i)son is bursting from the ground, showing it’s brilliant color.


Arugula blooming early in the hoop-house.

Stay tuned for more updates and stories later this week!

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