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A Farmer’s Introduction…


For those of you familiar with this blog or our restaurant, our incredible culinary garden and farmer Alex are not a new topic to you.  We have been working with Alex for nearly two years now further developing our garden to supply the restaurant in incredible ways.



(Photo Courtesy of Lancaster Newspaper)

Alex and I exchange a million emails and phone calls a week discussing our current projects, farm happenings, ripeness and harvest schedules etc., but this mostly happens behind the scenes…until now!

We are very excited to announce that all of the farm happenings will now be documented on this blog courtesy of Alex and straight from the garden!  Alex will be taking the reigns of our weekly farm updates providing incredible real time content and progress of exactly what is going on.  Where this really gets exciting is for those of you whom follow our updates as this will be yet another way we continue to shorten the distance between the farm and the table.

There may a post about the progress of our Fava beans and all the edible parts of the plant …


…and that week those same Fava beans will be on the plate at Ma(i)son in all of their glory…


cool right?

Anyways, we are very excited to be able to share all the intimacies of our culinary garden with all of you and couldn’t be more excited to have our farmer Alex at the helm!





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