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Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes….

If you haven’t already heard, here at Ma(i)son we like to make everything ourselves.  As part of our preservation efforts this year(canning, pickling, salting), along with our farmer Alex, we planned a large planting of San Marzano tomatoes (the premiere sauce tomato for its thick flesh, minimal seeds/pulp and great flavor) to be canned and used for all of our fall and winter braises, stews and ragouts.

On Friday we received nearly 150 lbs. of the first planting of these beauties which we processed immediately and canned to begin stocking our fall/winter pantry of house made goods!


P.S.  They may even be included in our holiday gift baskets filled with all sorts of Ma(i)son epicurean goods…stay tuned for that 🙂


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