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Ma(i)son Gardens at Wenger Farms…

Well its finally time to spill the beans on a project we have been working on for quite some time.  Wenger Farms has been a farmer/producer of ours since day one.  We have built an incredible relationship over the past year that has been intimate, inspiring, educational, and ( best of all for all of our guests) delicious.

Over the winter months we sat down with the Alex Wenger and poured over seed catalogs, heirloom Italian & French vegetables, tree fruits, growing methods, abstract & medicinal plants, and ideas for the upcoming growing seasons.  Over the course of these meetings and numerous farm visits, discussions of the ‘old-country and a wealth of enthusiasm and passion for what we do, it became clear that our relationship with Wenger Farms was growing into much more than just a standard farm/restaurant relationship…and Ma(i)son’s culinary gardens were born.

During our meetings we created a list of over 60 vegetables that Alex would acquire seed for (many of which he had saved seeds for personally from previous growing seasons) what would be planted and a rough outline of what we hoped to get from each growing season.  We visit the farm weekly to check in on all the incredible growth and development that has happened over the past several months and weeks and it has been a truly rewarding experience.

Here is a quick shot of just a few of the beautiful things coming out of the garden that Alex dropped off this morning…

…these items along with mixed radishes, watercress, lovage, oregano, sorrel, garlic mustard and rhubarb are all on the menu currently!

We could not be more excited to share this project with our guests and give everyone a little insight into what makes truly great food…truly great ingredients.

In a time where the term ‘farm-to-table’ has become more of a marketing ploy and a corporate slogan, sourcing directly from farmers and as local as possible is simply the only approach.  We believe that we are only as good as the ingredients  and the less distance food travels from soil to the plate, the better it is going to taste…plain and simple.  Establishing Ma(i)son Gardens at Wenger Farms is yet another huge step for us and our commitment to local and sustainable agriculture as well as providing incredibly delicious and healthful food to our community.

Stay tuned for weekly farm visit updates, new vegetables/fruits that are popping up and what is on the horizon including… fava beans, English peas, purple and green asparagus, watercress, mizuna, broccoli raab, spring onions, lettuce greens, arugula and much more!

Eat well!


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