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Oh So Cheeky

To all of our loyal clientele and those of you new to the world of Ma(i)son, we want to welcome you to the newly built out website as well as our new blog.  It is here that you will find everything Ma(i)son including information on upcoming exclusive dinners, partnerships with local farmers and artisans, new dishes and so on.  This will also serve as a great platform to see the inner workings of our restaurant and get a deeper understanding of what inspires us on a daily basis.

To kick things off, we want to mention a great initiative created by one of our favorite farms, Sweet Stem Farm.

They have recently launched the ‘Cheek to Cheek’ campaign and just as we do at Ma(i)son, are encouraging the enjoyment and celebration of the lesser cuts of the animals they raise.  This is a very important issue in the overly commodified food system and one that at Ma(i)son we feel very strongly about.

A phrase that we have become quite fond of and one that defines a lot of our cooking is:

“Every hog has a head, but not every head has a home.”

This is a great description of how we approach cuisine as a whole as well as how we like to cook.   “Enjoy the full flavor of sustainability”is the slogan to the Cheek to Cheek campaign and one that could not be more accurate.  There are parts of the animal that intrinsically have substantially more flavor and texture than others, but have simply fallen out of fashion in a world that craves loins and chops.

We look forward to continually working with Sweet Stem Farm and our other farmers and artisans that share this philosophy in truly embracing sustainability in eating and cooking.

As cooks, we prefer heads to hams and feet to chops—we focus on simple, sometimes peasant cooking of Italy and France and we could not consider ourselves an ‘old-world’ inspired restaurant if we did not embrace every part of the animal….plus its more fun
that way!

Happy Eating!

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